Player gamee ID and Rep

Getting the player ID will be the main part if you want to participate in play-to-earn game. ID NFT’s will be your ticket to this metaverse space. It will play a big role in how you interact with the game and how many things you can do in it. ID NFT’s will come all unique with different cosmetic traits.

ID’s will have one important stat on them which is going to be REP (Reputation). Reputation will show the overall strength of your ID, the higher the REP the more discounts and the more actions you can take using this specific ID.

Discounts on metaverse, the higher the REP – less fees you will have to pay for breeding, training and healing your doge. Higher REP also means you will be able to buy building upgrades and will determine if you can rent them out to other players. Earning REP by interacting with metaverse, winning in tournaments and races and getting positive feedback from other players by helping them out or providing cheaper services via utility facilities.

ID will be held on the player’s personal metamask or any other wallet that will be able to connect to our platform. These IDs will be able to be traded on NFT markets on BSC chain or later in our own marketplace.

RoRac Racing Doge's

Initially, the majority of our ecosystem will focus on racing dogs in the form of nfts. Doges will be acquired through our pre-sale and main-sale events before launching our platform. You will be able to get your hands on them via giveaways and special promotional events so be sure to join our socials to get info on that. Another way of getting them would be using in game market place where you will be able to buy them from other players. Later down the road there will be more options added which I will not discuss at this time.

Our dogs will have few main traits on them , color will have only cosmetic aspect on it. There will be 4 key stats on the dogs:

Agility – will determine your dog’s swiftness

Stamina – will determine your dog’s ability to participate in tournaments , if the stamina hits 0 your dog is not able to participate in any given tournament nor it can be trained, as it is simply exhausted

Weight – obviously will determine the weight of your dog.

Luck – will be the most important, this will be the only trait you cannot improve, it will be inherited from doges parents. This stat will boost your doges chance of successful training , wining tournaments , and not getting injured during tournaments and competitions.


Facilities will be structures that players will interact with. At first there will be 3 facilities which will be meant specific for doges, these are Training grounds, Breeding Houses, and Health Centers. Addition to these buildings there will be Marketplace building , Utility Shops, Betting office, and Arenas. Some other buildings will be added later down the road. Every building in game will have two types. Public ones and Private ones. Players will have free access to public buildings, if there is free slots in them. Public buildings however will ask a service cost from player for each action they provide. Private ones will provide owners a way to breed, train or heal their doges whenever they want, and with no action price. However there will be a some sort of property tax that will need to be payed in order to use a building.

Training grounds – a place where players can improve their dogs attributes

Medical Centers – places where dogs can be healed if any trauma has been acquired.

Breeding House – place where dog breeding will take place

Utility Shops – places where to buy consumables and stimulants. Consumables can be used to increase doges training success rate for a set period of time. Stimulants will be items used to boost doges performance during race. Which will be illegal action if caught doing so.

Arenas – places where tournaments take part. At special occasions there will be an option for a player to rent arenas , or if the REP is high the player will be able to buy and place his own arena and host tournaments in it.

Marketplace – Place where players come to buy land lots , facilities and dogs. Marketplace will take a small tax on every transaction. On of the buildings that can be accessed without player ID nft

Betting Station – Obviously a place where people can place bets on races and tournaments. This will be the other building that can be accessed without player ID nft

Reaching high enough REP on Players ID NFT, will allow a player to buy land lots on metaverse, on which he/she will be able to build these facilities. Each facility will have 3 upgrade levels to it. Each upgrade will cost our native token (DORC), Each upgrade will decrease the time it takes for the chose action, decrease fee and increase success rate. Also increasing max slots on facility and slightly increasing tax on a building that needs to be payed in order to use a building.

Map and Land Lots

MAP of Metaverse is in the development stage and more details on how it looks will be shared on our social media.

As time goes on, and if more players join the metaverse MAP will be expanded, adding more land lots and facilities.

Land Lots – a place which will be put on auction or buy out option for players to be able to acquire, land lots will be places where players will be able to build their own facilities.




Get Metamask for Chrome, and click here on how to set it up to use it on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


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